LMST Telemedicine help line number: 7622001116 Niti Ayog registration number: UP/2009/0020278 LMST Telemedicine help line number: 7622001116 Niti Ayog registration number: UP/2009/0020278 LMST Telemedicine help line number: 7622001116 Niti Ayog registration number: UP/2009/0020278

Primary area of focus

The main focus of LMST's operation is on organising women workers and enabling them to fight discrimination and exploitation by improving their economic and social status in society.

Micro Finance Programme

The provision of Micro finance to its members constitutes LMST’s leading developmental activity. Women workers have limited access to formal financial institutions; they are always dependent on some informal source of finance for their needs. For these needs we run Micro Finance Programme for the women workers in three districts of UP Currently there is a huge gap between the demand and supply of financial resources for women workers. LMST tries to fulfill the saving and credit needs of its members by offering them financial support.

Sustainable Employment

LMST is actively working to achieve its goal of providing complete employment to its members. In order to achieve the above objectives following programmes are undertaken.

Craft Development Centre

This centre was setup by LMST to help the members to find markets for their products and to increase their bargaining power. The centre aims to promote and sustain artisan’s welfare and to do away with economic and social exploitation is help them in producing high quality work.

  1. Provide managerial support.
  2. The centre provides its members with information pertaining to raw material procurement.
  3. Training programmes and design trends to enable the former to upgrade their products and enhance their receptivity in the market. Women workers are also imparted training to augment their managerial and financial skills through participation in various workshops and conferences.

We handicrafts & Craft net Foundation

We handicrafts is particularly active in the areas of Chikan and Zardozi craft development. Amongst the workers of informal economy, women are the poorest and most exploited.

Artisans Identity Cards

The women workers get visible status and are able to get the advantage of Office of the Development Commissioner Handicraft, in one cluster of Barabanki, nine Mohalla of Lucknow District and two blocks of Hardoi Districts (Sursa and Ahirori) It offers them to participate in various Central govt. schemes for welfare of the artisans and also sell their products at various exhibitions around the country.


  1. Saebaan helps the women in marketing as with the market, with traditional crafts like Chikan, Zardozi, Kundan Jewellery, appliqué etc. becoming more and more competitive. Saebaan allows the women to directly sell their hand-made and traditional products in the open market of finished goods through exhibition.
  2. LMST endorsed its presence in the craft exhibitions held in Delhi, Bombay, Kanpur and in few other cities, through its Zari Chikan women artisan members. It also took part in Lucknow Festival.
  3. We link our artisan’s members to different boutiques of metropolitan cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi. From these boutiques they are getting sustainable employment throughout the year.

Capacity Building Exercises

In view of our philosophy to build capacities of its members to make them economically self-reliant, Lucknow Mahila Sewa Trust lays emphasis on following capacity building components:

  1. Providing Basic Literacy to its members.
  2. Facilitating constant up gradation of skills and designs among artisans.
  3. Training women workers to function as barefoot managers.
  4. Providing Leadership Training to members and staff.
  5. Spear Head Training
  6. Providing Pre-Federation Training.

All the capacity building and training Programmes are participatory in nature and consist of games and cultural shows apart from the educative sessions.